Number 7, march 1999   [PDF]


Three Recent Short Fiction Films

  1. Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen, COME (Norway, 1995)

    Data on the film and director

    Richard Raskin: An outline of COME

    RR: An interview with Marianne Ulrichsen on COME

    Gitte Hansen: The most beautiful, the most difficult and the most important...

    Richard Raskin: Wordless eloquence in COME

    Søren Kolstrup: COME and the pictorial tradition: the meaning of the hands

    Edvin Kau: Collapsing time

    Paisley Livingston: Identity, inference and recollection in COME

  2. Brad McGann, POSSUM (New Zealand, 1997)

    Data on the film and director

    Brad McGann: POSSUM - the original screenplay

    Richard Raskin: An interview with Brad McGann on POSSUM

    Mette Hjort: The uncertainties of mood - Reflections on POSSUM

    Jerry White: POSSUM, film noir, and the past/future of New Zealand

    Karen Nordentoft: Why must she die?

  3. Ariel Gordon, GOODBYE MOM (Mexico, 1997)

    Data on the film and director

    Richard Raskin: An outline of GOODBYE MOM

    RR: An interview with Ariel Gordon on GOODBYE MOM

    Hans O. Nicolayssen: Directing the logical course of action in real life

    Richard Raskin: Consistency and surprise in the short fiction film

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