P:O.V. No.7 - COME: data on the film and director


Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen
(Norway, 1995), 4 minutes 30 seconds, 35 mm, color

Production credits

Director and screenplay
Assistant director
Production manager

Old woman
Young woman
Young man
Old man
Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen
Paul Rene Roestad
Roy Fenstad
Håkon Øverås/Pål Gengenbach
Patric Shaw Iversen.
Geir Alvin Jensen
Dagfinn Rassmussen
Erik Smith Meyer
Nordnorsk Filmsenter

Ruth Gurholt
Gry Olsen Ulrichsen
Thor Iversen
John Kristian Hansen

Festivals and Prizes

1995 18th Norwegian Short Film Festival
1996 5th International Outdoor Film Festival, Sydney
Special Jury Mention - Best Debut Film, Aspen Filmfest, USA
Tampere International Short Film Festival, Finland
Silver Images Film Festival, Chicago
Best Short Film, Cinema delle Donne, Torino, Italy
Wellington/New Zealand Film Festival Tour
Melbourne International Film Festival
Sao Paolo International Short Film Festival
Short Film Festival of Drama
Cork International Film Festival, Ireland
Rencontres internationales de cinéma à Paris
Best European Star - Ruth Gurholt, Donne in Corto, Rome
1997 German Federal Short Film Festival
Nordic Glory, Jyväskylä, Finland
Portland International Film Festival, USA

Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen

The writer/director of Come was educated at The Nordland Video Workshop in Kabelvåg. Since 1992, she has been working freelance in feature films, short films, commercials and commissioned films. Come is her directorial debut. In 1999, she will continue her studies at the National Film and Television School in England. She writes about herself:

Born on an island in the north of Norway, I ran away to Berlin as soon as I finished school, then broke my leg and got sent home. On returning to my village, I was offered a place in a media course for unemployed, confused kids. I accepted the place (though not very eagerly), and quickly found that I was hooked by filmmaking - not trapped, just happily awake. During the first years after finishing the course, I did whatever jobs I could get on various film productions - catering, runner, camera assistant on a feature film in Riga, first assistant director on shorts and commercials, actor, casting - and in the meantime, working hard to establish enough confidence to direct and tell my own stories...

To me the most challenging part of filmmaking is to work with actors. In Come, I looked for moments - vivid, truthful moments, but still short moments. Now I want to let go of that kind of control and work more with the actor in a search for the truth of the character. What I want is for the actor to feel responsible for the character and then let the character tell the story.

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