P:O.V. No.7 - Three Recent Short Fiction Films, COME

An outline of Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen's Come

Richard Raskin

1. The present (shots 1-7)

An elderly woman is alternately seated at her table and standing, in a meditative mood. In her mind's eye, she briefly glimpses the face of a young man, then reaches for a pocket watch lying on her table.

Shot 3

Shot 4

2. Flashback (shots 8-46)

Shot 21

Shot 22

Now as a young woman, she is at an outdoor celebration, watching people dancing near a fire, and a couple kissing. Two men, holding a woman by her shoulders and legs, teasingly threaten to drop her into the fire. Our main character now catches sight of three young men standing together, sharing a bottle of brandy. She is holding the pocket watch and makes eye contact with the young man glimpsed earlier. As she smiles at him, he sees the pocket watch she is holding by its chain, dangling from her hand. One of his friends smiles at him, amused by what is now haPening. Our young man now feels for his own watch in his vest pocket, and not finding it there, looks back up at her with an almost accusatory expression in his eyes. She smiles invitingly, then turns and walks away. He follows her, leaving his friends behind. When he is standing next to her, she tucks the watch into his vest pocket, which she then smoothes down with her hand. He looks down at her hand as she does this. She then takes his hand, says "Come," and leads him to a nearby cabin where they are alone. As he looks down at her, she looks up into his eyes and touches his hair and face, after which they kiss. What then follows is a montage of touching. She closes her eyes in pleasure, as his hand gently moves over her breast and down her dress, his fingers finally curling upward.

Shot 40

Shot 40 (cont.)

3. Return to the present (shots 47-52)

The elderly woman visibly and audibly enjoys the memory we have just glimpsed, then winds the pocket watch and places it in the vest pocket of her husband, now seated next to her. They look into each other's eyes. She squeezes his hand and leans over to whisper "Come" into his ear. He smiles.

Shot 49

Shot 50

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