Number 28, December 2009   [PDF]
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Good Guy / Bad Guy


    Nils Malmros, interviewed by Jeppe Knudsen

    David Von Ancken, interviewed by Martin Møller Aamand

    Philippe Lesage, interviewed by Ina Fischlin


    Birger Langkjær: Moral Twists of Perversion
    - Emotional Engagement and Morality in Relation to
    Pedro Almodovar's
    Talk to Her

    Jacques Lefebvre-Linetzky: Uncle Charlie, the smooth arch-villain

    Marlene Petersen: The Good, the Bad and the Nasty

    Sébastien Doubinsky: Nice Bad Guy or Bad Nice Guy?
    - Medium Cool by Haskell Wexler

    Sune Liltorp: Good Guy / Bad Guy

    Jody Pennington: The Good, the Bad, and Halloween
    - A Sociological Analysis of John Carpenter's Slasher

    Karen Klitgaard Povlsen & Anne Marit Waade: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    - Adapting embodied gender from novel to movie
    in Stieg Larsson's crime fiction

    Jakob Isak Nielsen: The Case of Monsieur Hulot

    Richard Raskin: From Leslie Howard to Raoul Wallenberg
    - The transmission and adaptation of a heroic model

    Jonathan Chubb: A note on a source of the Marseillaise scene in Casablanca

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Editing this journal biannually since its inception in March 1996 has been a source of great satisfaction to me and closing it now, nearly 14 years and 28 issues later, is not an easy step to take. But I have been asked by Intellect Books in the U.K. to design and edit a new journal on the short film, and this new challenge was simply too exciting an opportunity to miss.
The new journal will be called Short Film Studies, and the first issue should be in print approximately one year from now. It will devote serious but lively attention to the short film and also to exemplary commercials and public service ads. My hope is that many readers of p.o.v. will find in Short Film Studies essentially the same spirit as the March issues of p.o.v. and will look upon the new journal as the continuation of the old one. Meanwhile, all articles will remain accessible on the p.o.v. website.
There are many colleagues I wish to thank for their excellent work:
  • Annette Hoffbeck for printing the journal;
  • Jorge Leitão for designing and managing the web edition;
  • Jakob Elias Nielsen for the new cover design, adopted in 2002;
  • Mette Hjort, Henrik Juel, Mark LeFanu and Bevin Yeatman for serving most frequently as referees, and Gerry McCullogh, Johannes Riis and Frands Mortensen for pitching in as well, since peer review began;
  • Steffen Brandorff, Chairman of the Department of Information and Media Studies, for taking over from the Aarhus University Research Foundation the funding of this journal since 2007;
  • Stacey Cozart and Marilyn Raskin for proofreading;
  • and Simon Andersen for updating the website and keeping it in good repair.
Finally I wish to thank the authors who contributed the many outstanding articles that have appeared in this journal and the readers who faithfully read and enjoyed them.
Richard Raskin, editor

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