Number 27, March 2009   [PDF]
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On Two Short Films

  1. David Von Ancken, BULLET IN THE BRAIN (USA, 1991)

    Data on the film and the director

    Tobias Wolff's short story, "Bullet in the Brain"

    A shot-by-shot breakdown of Bullet in the Brain

    Richard Raskin: An interview with David Von Ancken

    Jacques Lefebvre: Bullet in the Brain - from text to film

    Mark LeFanu: Torment of consciousness

    Brian Dunnigan: In the beginning was the word

    Julie Budtz Sřrensen: They is - control and chaos

    Matt Binetti: Narrative voice in Bullet in the Brain

  2. Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, ALUMBRAMIENTO / LIGHTBORNE (Spain, 2007)

    Data on the film and the director

    Richard Raskin: An interview with Eduardo Chapero-Jackson

    Henrik Underbjerg: An interview with Pepe Jordana, producer

    Andreas Kakiou Halskov: Visualizing the unspeakable:
    point-zero filmmaking in

    Sébastien Doubinsky: In the shadow of light

    Daniel Alegi: Alumbramiento - story unpredictable

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