P.O.V. No.27 - Lightborne: Data on the film and the director


Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
(Spain, 2007), 15 min.

Cristina Plazas as Sara in Alumbramiento.
Photo provided by Prosopopey Productions.

Principal crew
Director and writer: Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
Director of photography: Juan Carlos Gómez
Film editors: Iván Aledo, Quique Dominguez
Production designer: Esther Garcia
Camera operator: Juanjo Sánchez
Sound: David Rodriguez
Original music: Pascal Gaigne
Executive producers:
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, Elsa Díaz Pirinoli, Pepe Jordana, Sergio Ródenas
Producer: Pepe Jordana, Prosopopey Productions

Principal cast
Maria: Marivi Bilbao
Sara: Cristina Plazas
Rafa: Manolo Solo

Awards include:
UIP Prize for Best European Short Film, Prix UIP Venezia 2007
Best Short Fiction Film at AFIA Film Festival, 2008
Press Award for Best Short Film, Valladolid;
Best Short Film, Festival de Cine de Catagena
Best Short Film, Festival de Manlleu
Best Short Film, Silver Dragon, Cracow Film Festival, 2008
Best Short Film, Ibero-American Short Film Competition, 2008
Best Short, Silver Biznaga, Málaga Spanish Film Festival, 2008

Best Director, Festival de Aguilar de Campoo
Best Director, Valladolid
Best Director, Festival de Rivas

Best Cinematography, Juan Carlos Gómez, Medina del Campo
Best Sound, Larissa Internacional Film Festival

Best Actress, Cristina Plazas. Festival Internacional de Móstoles.
Best Actress, Cristina Plazas. Festival Primavera Cinematográfica de Lorca
Best Actress, Marivi Bilbao. Festival de Rioja Alavesa
Best Actor, Manolo Sólo. Festival de Madina del Campo

Eduardo Chapero-Jackson
Born in Madrid in 1971, of a Spanish father and an American mother, Eduardo Chapero-Jackson has lived for long periods of time in both countries. Studied Fine Arts, Literature and Filmmaking in New York City. In 1996 returned to Spain as a freelance and started exhibiting his artwork. From 1997 to 2004 worked at one of Spain's leading production companies, Sogecine, where he became associate producer and head of screenplay development. In 2007 he left the company to return to directing. Meanwhile, he has studied acting for more than four years and is now getting a degree in gestalt psychology.

Filmography (as writer and director)
Contracuerpo, 2005
Alumbramiento / Lightborne, 2007
The End, 2008

Manolo Sólo as Rafa.
Photo provided by Prosopopey Productions.

Cristina Plazas as Sara
Photo provided by Prosopopey Productions.

Cristina Plazas as Sara
Photo provided by Prosopopey Productions.

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