Number 26, December 2008   [PDF]
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Daniel Alegi: Hybrid humour, for short
- The magical neo-realism of Roberto Benigni's Tu Mi Turbi

Hanne Bruun: The blue hippo in lifestyle television
- On pastiche in television satire

Per Fikse: In the light of darkness
- A note on Roy Andersson's influences

Brian Dunnigan: Laughter and revelation
- A Sideways look at humour in film

Jørgen Stigel: Basic formats of humour in Danish TV-commercials

Edvin Vestergaard Kau: Funny pictures
- Visual humour in film

Bevin Yeatman: Who laughs?
- A moment of laughter in Shortbus

Jakob Isak Nielsen: There's something about comedy theory

Louise Brix Jacobsen: Hello my name is Frank Hvam
- Autofictional humour in the Danish TV series Klovn

Richard Raskin: Three critiques of the Borat number,
"Throw the Jew down the well"

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