Number 20, December 2005   [PDF]


Francesco Caviglia: A child eating ice-cream before the explosion.
Notes on a controversial scene in The Battle of Algiers

Hanne Miriam Larsen: Hostage videos: tropes of terror as social practice

Trine Vinther Mortensen: The empty accountancy of things. Reasons for fundamentalism in
Hanif Kureishi's and Udayan Prasad's My Son the Fanatic

Bülent Diken & Carsten Bagge Laustsen: 9/11 as a Hollywood fantasy

Eric Gans: Clouzot's cruel cow

Bodil Marie Thomsen: The idea of "war against terror" and the exhibition of tortured bodies

Finn Olesen: Terrorism, technology and translation

Øystein Gaasholt: A note on "Terror(ism) and the media"

Jody Pennington: Stuck in the middle with you: Dilemmas of the mass media
when covering terrorism in the Information Age

Richard Raskin: Butterfly and Firing Squad.
A comparison of two TV spots representing state terror

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