Number 16, December 2003   [PDF]


Nancy Graham Holm: Hyperbole and Fear: The Politics in Bowling
for Columbine

Louise Kjær Sørensen: The Camera is Mightier then the Gun: Bowling
for Columbine

Michael Skovmand: Bowling for Columbine: "I want to leave them angry"

Caroline Joan ("Kay") Picart: Ripley as Interstitial Character: White Woman as
Monster and Hero in Alien Resurrection

Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen: Anti-film: Hurlemnts en faveur de Sade

Per Aage Brandt: The Political Philosophy of a Dogville: On Dogville by
Lars Von Trier

Bo Fibiger: A Dog not Yet Buried - Or Dogville as a Political Manifesto

Richard Raskin: The Politics of Election Night (Valgaften)

RR: On Unhappy Endings, Politics and Storytelling: An Interview with
Milcho Manchevski

Jon Bang Carlsen: How to Invent Reality

David Wingate: Confessions of a Documentary Teacher [Number 3]

Rasmus Falbe-Hansen: The Filmmaker as Historian

Brian Dunnigan: Making Visible: Reflections on Politics and Film

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