Number 14, December 2002   [PDF]


    Richard Raskin: Introductory Note

    Susanne Stranddorf and Line Aamand Hansen: Sublime Superficiality:
    An Interview with Ole Michelsen on Casablanca

    Diana Paladino: Everything's in Casablanca

    Nancy Graham Holm: Casablanca: The Wrong Man Gave Her the Right Feelings

    Bodil Marie Thomsen: Casablanca in Morocco - Morocco in Casablanca

    Francesco Caviglia: What is Rick Doing in the Balkans?
    Quotes from Casablanca in Kusturica's Black Cat, White Cat (1998)

    Birger Langkjr: Casablanca and Popular Music as Film Music

    Daniel Kothenschulte: Visa for Transition. Casablanca and the Spiritual Melodrama

    Niels Weisberg: It's Almost the Same Old Story. Or: When Legend Becomes Fact, Print the Truth

    Jakob Isak Nielsen: On Visual Design and Staging in Casablanca

    Edvin Kau: "We Said No Questions." Reflections on Playful Uncertainty in Casablanca

    Sren Hy: A Walk Down Fascination Street. Bits and Pieces about Casablanca

    Morten Kyndrup: We'll Always Have Casablanca

    Johannes Riis: Bogey's Imaginative Contribution

    Richard Raskin: Bogart's Nod in the Marseillaise Scene: A Physical Gesture in Casablanca

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Introductory Note

This issue of p.o.v. offers fourteen new takes on one of Hollywood's most enduring classics: Casablanca.

Normally, a number of stills would accompany the articles contained here, in order to illustrate the points made by the authors. However, the Clip and Still Licensing department at Warner Brothers strictly prohibits frame-grabbing stills from their films, and the conditions under which authorized stills may be used (such as a minimum payment of $200 per still) are beyond the reach of a publication of this kind.

Our apologies therefore go out to the reader, who will find in this issue no stills from Casablanca, much to our regret.

I am grateful to all of the contributors to this Casablanca issue and to Stacey Cozart and Marilyn Raskin for their invaluable help with proofreading many of the articles.

Richard Raskin

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