Number 4, December 1997


On this fourth issue of p.o.v.

  1. On camera movement and filmic space
    Mark LeFanu:
    - Metaphysics of the "long take":
    some post-Bazinian reflections
    Lennard Højbjerg:
    - Some Aspects of Style and Space
    Lars Morell:
    - Installations in Space and Architectonic Scenery
    Søren Kolstrup:
    - Camera Movement and Narration
    The camera as narrator in the documentaries of Lars Engels
    Richard Raskin:
    - Camera Movement in Wings of Desire

  2. On metaphor in film
    Peder Grøngaard:
    - Hitchcock's cinematic style:
    a study of Marion Crane's metaphorical journey into darkness
    Anne Marie Olesen:
    - Film as metaphor:
    Cannibalism and the Serial Killer as Metaphors for Transgression

    On the next issue of p.o.v

On this fourth issue of p.o.v.

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In keeping with our policy of devoting each December issue of p.o.v. to questions of film esthetics, the present issue focuses on two areas of study: 1) camera movement and/or filmic space; and 2) metaphor in film - each area explored from at least two different points of view.

We are delighted that the contributors to this issue include people doing research on film at other institutions: Mark Le Fanu (European Film College at Ebeltoft), Lennard Højbjerg (Department of Film and Media Studies, Copenhagen University), and Peder Grøngaard (State and University Library in Aarhus) - as well as colleagues working in other areas at Aarhus University: Lars Morell (theory of science) and Anne Marie Olesen (philosophy). In the future, every issue of p.o.v. will contain articles by at least one or two scholars from outside the Department of Information and Media Science at Aarhus University.

Other recent developments include: 1) the inclusion of our journal in the Film Literature Index, published in the U.S.A.; and 2) an arrangement whereby we and the Canadian Journal of Film Studies/Revue canadienne d'études cinématographiques, place ads for one another's journal in our respective publications. Letters we have received from institutions in Norway, Sweden and the UK, are encouraging signs that p.o.v. is gradually becoming known internationally.

It is our hope that readers will find the present issue stimulating and will look forward to the publication of p.o.v. number 5 (March 1998), described below.

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The next issue of p.o.v.

The fifth issue of p.o.v. (March 1998) will be devoted to the three short films featured in the 3rd International Short Film Symposium, described on the facing page.

The issue will contain new interviews with directors Marcell Iványi (Wind, Hungary, 1996), Vincent Bal (The Bloody Olive, Belgium, 1996), and Thomas Briat (Départ immédiat, France, 1995), as well as data and articles on each of the films.

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