Number 23, March 2007   [PDF]

Danish TV Commercials and Advertising Films

Jørgen Bang: Short Narrative Advertising and Cultural Heritage.
New Options for Cultural Study Research via Digitalisation

Edvin Vestergaard Kau: A Media-Industrial Complex. Dimensions of Danish Commercials

Stine Liv Johansen and Nicolai Jørgensgaard Graakjær: The sound of children's television
- or why it makes sense to watch television facing away from the screen

Anna Marit Waade: Imagining Paradise
Image Schemata and Affective Participation in Commercials
as Exemplified by Bacardi and The Danish National Lottery

Richard Raskin: Kitchen Counter: A Case Study of a Recent Danish TV Commercial

Other Contributions

Richard Raskin: Storytelling and Promotional Properties of the Audi Ad, Tracks

Isabelle Meerstein: An Interview with Documentary Filmmaker Ken Wardrop
on Undressing My Mother

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