P.O.V. No.21 - Bawke: Data on the film and the director


Hisham Zaman
Norway, 2005, color, 35 mm, 15 min.

Principal production credits
Director and screenwriter:
Director of photography:
Production company
Hisham Zaman
Marius Matzow Gulbrandsen
Arild Tryggestad
Carl Svensson
Gudny Hummelvoll
4 1/2

The son:
The father:
Broa Rasol
Sedar Ahmad Saleh

Awards include
The Norwegian Playwrights' Association's Award for Best Manuscript
The Norwegian Film Worker's Association's Technical Award to cinematographer
     Marius Matzow Guldbrandsen
Prix UIP Grimstad
Grand Prix - Gullstolen - at Grimstad, sponsored by the Norwegian Film Institute
Canal + prize
Special Mention at Nordisk Panorama
Nominated for European Film Award in 2005 as Best Short Film

Two Kurdish refugees from Iraq, a father and son, approach their goal after being on the run for a long time. But it is only when they arrive at their destination that the real difficulties arise. Ultimately, the father faces a difficult decision.

The director
HISHAM ZAMAN was educated as a director at the Norwegian Film School. His graduation film The Roof (2004) has been screened at many international festivals. In Grimstad, Zaman has previously screened his shorts The Burglar (2001) and The Bridge (2003). The latter was nominated for the European award Prix UIP. It won Timeglasset, an award presented by the Norwegian Playwrights' Association.

Hisham Zaman directing Sedar Ahmad Saleh. Photo courtesy of 4 1/2.

Broa Rasol and Sedar Ahmad Saleh. Photo courtesy of 4 1/2.

Broa Rasol. Photo courtesy of 4 1/2.

Broa Rasol. Photo courtesy of 4 1/2.

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