P.O.V. No.19 - Natan: Data on the film and the director


Jonas Bergergård and Jonas Holmström
Sweden, 2003, color, 35 mm, 12 min.

Principal production credits
Jonas Bergergård and Jonas Holmström
Carina Ekman

Tomas Christensson
Rolf H Karlsson
Kerstin Högstrand

Major Prize
Grand Prix, Festival du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand, 2004

Festival International du Film Indépendant, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2003
Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche, Germany, 2003
Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany, 2004
Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden, 2004
Festival du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2004
Minimalen Kortfilmfestival, Trondheim, Norway, 2004
Bradford Film Festival, England, 2004
Bengtsfors & Ed Filmfestival, Sweden, 2004
Festival du court métrage du Nice, France, 2004
Internationales Kurzfilmfest, Tübingen, Germany, 2004
Internationale Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen, Germany, 2004
Festival du Court Métrage, Bruxelles, Belgium, 2004
Festival Internacional de Cinema do Algarve, Portugal, 2004
Cracow Film Festival, Poland, 2004
Internationales Kurz Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany, 2004
Festival de Cine de Huesca, Spain, 2004
Message to Man International Film Festival, St Petersburg, Russia, 2004
Aye Aye International Film Festival, Nancy, France, 2004
Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Australia, 2004
Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 2004
Odense Film Festival, Denmark, 2004
International Short Film Festival in Drama, Athens, Greece, 2004

It is Natan's first day in his new job. The employment office has sent him to Viggo's hamburger joint. Münir is trying to teach him the moves, but Natan is a disaster waiting to happen. Viggo sacks him and Natan is back on the street again. But Viggo's conscience gets to him - he grabs a hot dog and goes looking for Natan....

Jonas Bergergård
Born in 1966, Jonas Bergergård is a father of twins and lives in a red house in the Swedish countryside, near Karlstad. Both author and filmmaker, he has published two books of fiction and has made five short fiction films and one documentary. He also teaches creative writing as a guest lecturer and gives a workshop in filmmaking.

Jonas Holmström
Born in Karlstad in 1964, Jonas Holmström was educated at art schools in Gothenburg in the late eighties. He worked as an artist/ painter until 1998, when he started writing film scripts and made his first film in 2000. He has made four short films to date:
A Brother Comes for a Visit
Wrong Movie

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