Number 18, December 2004   [PDF]


Brian Dunnigan: Storytelling and Film. Fairy Tales, Myth and Happy Endings

Morten Kyndrup: To be shown how to be talked to.
Narration and parabasis in contemporary film - and Almodóvar's Hable con Ella

Per Aage Brandt: Narrative Models and Meaning

Keith Raskin: The Invention of Meaning

Nikolaj Feifer: And so the story begins...
An analysis of selected opening shots and scenes

Mark Le Fanu: Story and…. "story": Reflections on an over-hyped concept

Edvin Vestergaard Kau: Where's the story? Notes on telling stories cinematically

Gunnar Wille: The Idea. An article about idea-development problems

James Ransom: Perpetuating Remembrance.
N. Scott Momaday and Kiowa Storytelling

Ib Johansen: Narrative Power in Native American Fiction.
Reflections on Leslie Marmon Silko's "Storyteller" (1981)

Rasmus Stampe-Hjorth: On editing & storytelling. An interview with Anders Refn

Saara Cantell: Poetry on screen or visualised jokes?
An approach to the genres of short fiction films

Richard Raskin: Italo Calvino and inevitability in storytelling

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