P.O.V. No.17 - Save the Children: Data on the film and the director


Rosa Engebrigtsen Bye and Luis Engebrigtsen Bye as Eli and Tarald in Save the Children.

Terje Rangnes
(Norway, 2002), 6 min., Super 16, color

Principal production credits and cast

Director of photography

Lasse, the gas station attendant
Terje Rangnes
Erlend Loe
John Andreas Andersen
Kirsti Marie Haugen
Ørjan Karlsen for Motlys

Rosa Engebrigtsen Bye
Luis Engebrigtsen Bye
Trond Høvik


Awards Grand Prize, Brest Short Film Festival, 2003
Canal Plus Award, Best Short Film, Nordisk Panorama, Oulu, Finland, 2002
Grand Prize UIP and Audience Award, Tampere International Short Film Festival, 2003
Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards, 2003

Background info about the film (from the press release)

Save the Children is originally part of the feature Utopia - Nobody is Perfect in the Perfect Country (Folk flest bor i Kina) released in 2002. The project started with an idea from Screenwriters Oslo, a collective comprising some of the most promising young screenwriters in Norway today. They used the political parties as inspiration to create stories about Norway today. The majority of us can identify with one or more parties. All the political parties have a manifesto which gives expression to values, attitudes and mentalities that can easily turn into actions and conflicts. These are the basis of the episodes of Utopia and gave the producers a golden opportunity to make funny and serious statements about the strange little country Norway.

Save the Children is inspired by "Fremskrittspartiet" (a right-wing Norwegian political party).

Terje Rangnes, director

Terje Rangnes (born 1966) has directed several television series for NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), including the popular series Egil and Barbara (1999) and Fjortis/Teens (2001). Save the Children is his short film debut.

Erlend Loe, screenwriter

Erlend Loe (born 1969) studied screenwriting at the Danish Film School. He has written a number of books, both for children and adults, and some of these works have been translated into many other languages. For further details, see his website at http://www.kjentfolk.no/forfattere/loe/

Festival participation for Save the Children (as a short film)

The Norwegian Short Film Festival, June 2002
Nordisk Panorama, Oulu, Finland, September 2002
BIFF, Bergen Int. Film Festival, Norway, October 2002
Tampere Short Film Festival, Finland, March 2003
WWSFF Toronto, Canada, June 2003
Vila do Conde Int. Short Film Festival, Portugal, July 2003
Citadella del Corto, Trevignano, Italy, July 2003
Locarno Int. Short Film festival, Switzerland, August 2003
Sarajevo Int. Film Festival, August 2003
Int. Shortfilm Festival, Stuttgart/ Ludwigsburg, Germany, September 2003
Enzimi Festival, Roma, Italia, September 2003
Ghent Int. Film Festival, Belgium, October 2003
Montreal Int. Festival of New Cinema and New Media, Canada, October 2003
Uppsala Int. Short Film Festival, Sweden, October 2003

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