P.O.V. No.17 - Bamboleho: Data on the film and the director


Alicia Gorina and Eloi Yebra as Mara and Migue in Bamboleho.

Luis Prieto
(Spain, 2001), 14 min., 35 mm, color

Principal production credits and cast

Director of photography
Art director
Executive producer

Young Migue
Luis Prieto
Luis Prieto, David Blanco, Kiko Moreno
Marcos Pasquin
Sarah Webster
Luis Prieto
Benoit Poisot, Kiko Moreno, Cristina Villalonga
Jaume Vilalta
Factotum Barcelona

Eloi Yebra
Alicia Gorina
Hafid Abu El-Hakan
Daniel Casadella


Best Short Film, Manchester Film Festival, 2002
Best Live-Action Short, Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, 2002
Best Short, Latino Film Festival, San Francisco, 2002
Personal Jury Prize, Odense Film Festival, 2002
Bronze Medal, Best Fiction, New York EXPO, 2002
Best Narrative, Tribeca Film Festival, 2002
Special Mention, Biennale di Venezia, 2001

Luis Prieto

After studying photography in Spain, Luis Prieto studied film at the California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles. He has been involved in projects with Peter Gabriel and Clint Eastwood and edited numerous documentaries and short films, including the 1994 Academy Award nominee, The Night Voice (also Best Animated Film at the Ann Arbor Film Festival). His films include In Search of Absence (Best Experimental Film, Chicago International Film Festival; First Prize, Mexico) and Fire Butterflies.

Hafid Abou El Hakan and Eloi Yebra in Bamboleho.

Daniel Casadella as Young Migue in Bamboleho.

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