P.O.V. No.13 - : Data on Kitchen Sink and Alison Maclean


Alison Maclean
(New Zealand, 1989), 14 minutes, 35 mm, b/w

Production credits and cast

Art director
Sound design and mix

The Woman
The Man
Alsion Maclean
Bridget Ikin. Hibiscus Films
Stuart Dryburgh
Grant Major
David Coulsen
John McKay & Chris Burt
The Headless Chickens

Theresa Healey
Peter Tait
Annagreta Christian

Festivals and awards include:

Selection for competition at the Cannes Film Festival, 1989
Certificate of Merit, Melbourne Film Festival, 1989
Audience Award for Best Short Film, Sydney Film Festival, 1989
Sitges International Film Festival, Spain, 1989
Best Short Film, Listener Film & Television Award, New Zealand, 1989
Best Short Film, Oporto International Film Festival, 1990
Special Jury Award (Short Narrative), Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco, 1990

Alison Maclean

Born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1958, Alison Maclean spent much of her childhood in Canada, emigrating to New Zealand with her parents as a teenager. She is a graduate of the Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland, where she majored in film and sculpture. She now lives in New York, where directing music videos is one of her major activities.

Alison Maclean on Kitchen Sink

The story came to me in much the same way as events unfold for the woman in the film. I could see this hair sticking out of the plughole and on closer inspec-tion, the story began to emerge and to transform itself in quite a surprising way. It's a dark little fable about fear and desire - about a woman who re-fashions a monster into a man, and finds herself falling for her creation. In some sense I see it as a Pygmalion-type story, with the genders reversed.

Stills from Kitchen Sink, written and directed by Alison Maclean

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