Number 9, March 2000   [PDF]


Two Recent Short Fiction Films

  1. Asif Kapadia, THE SHEEP THIEF (UK, 1997)

    Data on the film and director

    The original screenplay

    Richard Raskin: An interview with Asif Kapadia

    Tue Sand Larsen and Claus Toft-Nielsen: The Sheep Thief

    Jakob Ion Wille: Point of view in The Sheep Thief

  2. Claude Saint Antoine, NEW YORK ENCOUNTER (France, 1998)

    Data on the film and director

    Richard Raskin: A shot-by-shot reconstruction of New York Encounter

    RR: An interview with Claude Saint Antoine

    Mette Hjort: What's so funny? Reflections on jokes and short films

    Edvin Vestergaard Kau: The irony of convention and variation

    Søren Kolstrup: New York Encounter or the breaking of the rules

    Richard Raskin: On dialogue-based storytelling in the short fiction film

On the Run, directed by Bruno de Almeida
(US/Portuguese/French co-production 1998; theatrical release 2000)

    Film data

    Richard Raskin: On the Run - An interview with Bruno de Almeida

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The next issue of p.o.v.

The next issue of p.o.v. (number 10, December 2000) will focus primarily on the "dogma" phenomenon, seen in retrospect.

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