Number 6, December 1998   [PDF]


The Art of Film Editing

Mark Le Fanu. On editing.

Vinca Wiedemann. Film editing - a hidden art?

Søren Kolstrup. The notion of editing

Sidsel Mundal. Notes of an editing teacher

Edvin Kau. Separation or combination of fragments?
Reflections on editing

Lars Bo Kimergaard. Editing in the depth of the surface
Some basic principles of graphic editing

Martin Weinreich. The urban inferno. On the æsthetics of Martin Scorsese's TAXI DRIVER

Scott MacKenzie. Closing arias: Operatic montage in the closing sequences of the trilogies of Coppola and Leone

Claus Christensen. A vast edifice of memories: the cyclical cinema of Terence Davies

Richard Raskin. Five explanations for the jump cuts in Godard's BREATHLESS

Alan Alda on Storytelling

An Alan Alda filmography

Richard Raskin. An interview with Alan Alda on storytelling in film

The next issue of p.o.v.

The next issue of p.o.v. (number 7, March 1999) will focus on the short films to be presented by their directors at the 4th International Short Film Symposium to be held at the University of Aarhus:

Marianne Olsen Ulrichsen's KOM (Norway, 1995)

Brad McGann's POSSUM (New Zealand, 1997)


Ariel Gordon's GOODBYE MOM (Mexico, 1997)

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